Posted by: pat3za | November 4, 2008

Routine Attack / Pump

Ok, I admit, I’ve been slack with blogging here. But I feel that there’s no need for me to write my routine, because that’s just what they are: routine. Every week has been the same, and I am loving every minute of it. I can’t really complain about my fitness routine at the moment, because it’s just so damn good.

I do between 5-7 hrs of gym time per week. 4 Attack classes and 1-2 Pump classes per week, about 15 mins of free weights, lunges, squats, and ab work every day, and loads and loads of walking. Just last weekend, I did close to 10km of walking due to the Dove Pink Star Walk (about 7km), and the Sculpture by the Sea Bondi to Bronte Beach walk (about 3km). So I really can’t complain. 🙂

I’ll put some photos of the said weekend when I get home (I’m at work atm, and the photos are on Facebook, so no FB access until I get home). 🙂

There is something new that will be happening though. My friend asked me to be her gym buddy, and to basically give her a hand, a push, and lots of encouragement as she starts her new fit and healthy lifestyle – which I will happily oblige to. I’m happy that my healthy, positive attitude has rubbed on to her, as she reckons I’m a “gym freak”. Hehehe. Who would’ve thought I’d be called as such?

So, she forwarded me the fitness program given to her as a starting point, and we’ll be following that program starting tonight. I’ll be skipping my Pump class tonight, but it’s all good. If I can get someone to enjoy the same benefits of having a healthy lifestyle that I’m enjoying, then by all means I’d do it.

So stay tuned for more updates with my friend and me!

Posted by: pat3za | October 17, 2008

Back back back!

Sorry for being AWOL for two weeks… have just been really busy with alot of things. But fear not, for I was still continuing with my regular gym visits. 🙂 So regular was it that it has now become routine for me to go to the gym after work, and on Saturdays – no questions asked. If I miss even just one day I get annoyed because it just shifts the whole routine and I hate it.


Last week’s workout:

Monday – 1 hour Body Attack

Tuesday – 1 hour Body Pump

I had to miss Wednesday because I was out of town for work and my flight didn’t arrive back in Sydney til 6pm…… boo!

Thursday – 1 hour Body Attack

Saturday – 1 hour Body Attack

This week…

Monday – 45 mins Body Attack + 15 mins free weights

Tuesday -1 hour Body Pump

Wednesday -45 mins Body Attack + 20 mins free weights + double the number of lunges and squats (my bum hurt the next day wahahahahaha!)

Thursday -1 hour Body Attack

Hmmm so yes… very proud of the workout from the past few weeks. I really wanted to work hard because of a few motivations coming up (hehehe…)

1. Big party to go to tonight -this is my “coming out of winter blues” party with a big, big group of friends. It’s a joint party between 5 people I think, and there are about 500 invited guests? Haha yes… 500!! It’s become an annual thing for us to celebrate the October babies’ birthdays, so I have to glam it up. I already have the dress, the shoes, and the hair and make up… all I need is the bag. 🙂

2. Sculpture by the Sea – this is the third year in a row I’m going to Sculpture by the Sea. Thing is, Sculpture by the Sea + Bondi Beach + Bronte Beach = cossies! Must have a body worthy enough to wear cossies! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

3. Japan in November – 9 people, 5 cities, 8 days of eating, drinking, walking around, EVERYTHING! Osaka, Hiroshima, Kyoto, Hakone, and Tokyo, here we come! We’ll be doing loads and loads and LOADS of walking, from sunrise to sunset up to well into the night, so must really train my muscles for long distance walking before going there. Must buy nice, comfy, good-for-walking shoes too. I don’t think I peuny $20 ballet flats will do. 🙂

Ok, Saturday’s Body Attack class beckons, so off I go!

Posted by: pat3za | October 2, 2008


I was seriously contemplating on not going to the gym tonight. But, warm weather, spring races, summer parties, and *drumroll please* the beach beckons! So… what other motivation apart from those do I need to endure another night at the gym (and keep me away from shopping hehe)? 🙂


45 minutes Body Attack – I was a bit careful with my ankle, as it would’ve only been a week since the injury, but I found that there weren’t any problems with doing the high impacts.


1 hour Body Pump – yep, back to Pump. It’s been 3 weeks since my last Pump class, and boy did I have a hard workout or what?!?! The usual culprits were the worst: squats, clean and press, biceps, and shoulder tracks. But I felt that I was obligated to go back to doing Pump, as I didn’t want to neglect the weights aspect of my training.


45 minutes Body Attack – sore, but undefeated from the previous day’s Pump class, I eagerly went to my usual Wednesday Attack class. The instructor was going for a month’s holiday too, so I felt that out of courtesy, I should go to her last class before she leaves hehe!


1 hour Body Attack – I was surprised to still be feeling sore – in fact, more sore than Wednesday. I really, really wanted to go home early after work, or do a bit of window shopping, but I urged my feet to go to the opposite direction from the train station and towards the direction of the gym. I crawled my way to the studio, because my feet, legs, and thighs were massively hurting from Tuesday’s Pump. But, pain has its place, and it’s not in Attack class.

I managed through the class, and I really enjoyed it because the instructor picked most of my favourite songs from various releases. Yeah!!! From what I can remember, I think this was the tracklist:

Body Attack tracks for 55 minute work out (the songs here are very good too so I recommend these songs when exercising!)

  1. Warm up -Truly Madly Deeply by Cascada
  2. Mixed track -Superfreak by Southern Light
  3. Aerobics – Spiderman by Toast & Jam feat Ant P
  4. First Power Peak – Apache Rocks the Bottom by Hard Out Crew
  5. Upper Body (push ups) – Walk this Way by Sugarbabes vs Girls Aloud
  6. Running – Heat of the Moment by Zakke Snor
  7. Agility – Chelsea Dagger by Double A
  8. Interval -When I Close My Eyes by Pistolet
  9. Second Power Peak – Nowhere Fast by Southern Light
  10. Lunges/Squats – Grace Kelly by Mika
  11. Abs – Take Control by Amerie
  12. Cool down/Stretch – Believe Again by Delta Goodrem

So there you go! One of 2 of my favourite mixed tracks from Body Attack. I’ll publish the second one when I have the time… took me bloody long to find the individual tracks for this one already!! 🙂

My favourite track at the moment is the 2nd power peak track, Nowhere Fast. Ahhhh gotta love the eighties!

Actually, here’s the original version, by Fire Inc. When I hear it I just want to start doing the Attack moves again hahaha. Ok I’m an Attack junkie hehe… (don’t worry about the Japanese subtitles)

I JUST LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: pat3za | September 27, 2008

Saturday Attack


1 hour Body Attack – I’m doing A-Ok with Body Attack now. The ankle is still sore when I rotate it, but with normal jogging, lunges, jacks and star jumps, and skiing, the ankle seems to be handling it ok.

Oh, and the instructor knows me now! I was outside waiting for the Attack class to start, and she stood beside me and just started talking to me. Haha! I’m becoming one of her regular Saturday Attackers anyway, so she’s probably really used to my face.

Oh, and I lost 2 kgs from the gastro week. Just one (and probably the only!) perk of having gastro.

Posted by: pat3za | September 24, 2008

So I’m back…

Up until this afternoon, I was still walking around with my therma-brace thingimajig and a wobble/waddle. I was still having a hard time walking down stairs, changing my weight from my left leg to my right leg, and doing light jogging.

But luckily, when I woke up this morning, I could put more weight in my right leg, and actually walk a little bit better (more normal-looking!). Even my workmate noticed how I was starting to walk normally again… but of course I still had that little wobble. And yes, the therma-brace is gone.

So, because I’m a brave (and silly) girl, I braved going back to the scene of the crime: the Attack class. Hmmm yes you might say I’m crazy, silly, even a plain eejit, but I missed Attack and no twisted ankle is gonna get in my way (yeah right)!!! I was already dropping hints to the boyfriend on lunchtime that I’m planning on going to my regular Wednesday Attack class, and he promised me if he finds out that I actually did go he will “papaluin ang pwet mo” (er, slap you butt……). But, I still went, and I told him on the phone after the class, and he just sighed deeply and said that he expected me to go anyway because I’m very hardheaded and persistent, and that he will slap my butt the next time he sees me. Yeah, that’ll be in 2 days time and knowing him he will forget it he he he.

Anyway enough about the boyfriend and more about me! HAHAHA just kidding! So Attack class was… Attack class. I did most of the low impacts, discovered that everything else didn’t hurt (everything meaning the shuffle, jacks, star jumps, even the superman moves) except for a few moves: lunges, high knee jog (that’s where I got the sprain in the first place), and normal jogging or sprinting. So I kept it low… paced myself… and exploded in the upper body track (push ups) because it’s the only track that didn’t involved my lower appendages so I was able to do “high impact” moves.

I’ll be missing gym tomorrow again because I’m visiting a friend’s dad in the hospital after work (very, very sad news!), and Friday is my day off from gym day, so my next Attack class will be on Saturday again… which marks 1 week since the said ankle sprain. Le sigh.

But I’m happy because at least I was able to go back to exercising again! YAAAAY! I really thought it was going to be a long hiatus, but it wasn’t! 🙂

Posted by: pat3za | September 20, 2008

Injured (AGAIN!!)

So I’ve only gone to Attack twice this week – Wednesday and this morning. Things have been really seriously busy at work and I hate how my gym visits have declined in the past two weeks. So imagine my delight when I woke up on a warm, sunny, cloudless Saturday morning today – perfect for a workout, lunch, then drive to the beach.

Nearly 1 hour into the Attack class, on the last power peak track, when I was sweating and huffing and puffing and I could see the light at the end of the Attack tunnel, when suddenly my right foot landed the wrong way, and the next thing I knew my foot was just hurting like mad – I was doing the high knee run and misplaced my foot and went crashlanding. Yes, as soon as my left calf injury healed up, and I was back to my normal form for a couple of weeks, I had to injure my right ankle! At first it didn’t look as bad, I was still able to finish the whole class and do a few hours’ wort of walking around the shops, but now its just swollen twice as big as my left ankle, and I could barely walk.

Which means I’d have to skip a few weeks’ gym AGAIN. Which means I’m going to be dormant for at least 2 weeks. I might just do low impact Pump classes… but Pump bores me to death and I’m gonna miss my Attack classes.

I’m going to the GP tomorrow to find out what the diagnosis is – I think it just needs to be strapped, probably a few pain meds, and long time to heal.

This just sucks bigtime!!!!!

Posted by: pat3za | September 14, 2008

Last week’s workout

I slacked off a bit last week – partly because of the persistent pain in my calf, partly because of work. Anyway, I went to the gym only twice last week, which is a big difference from the 5 aerobics classes the week before. Oh well, that’s just how it is!


45 minutes Body Attack – the instructor kinda knows me by now since he always points to me or looks at me when we start climbing up the power peaks. Like, during the aerobics track (Superman) he was yelling “push harder! only 8 more to go! 5! 4! 3! 2! 1!” during the 16 jacks. And when he was trying to show the newbies the agility run, he pointed to me!!!!! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! Anyway it was only my second time in his class but yeah… I guess I’m going to be a familiar face in his class from now on since the time and location is so convenient.

I purposely didn’t go on Tuesday because there were no good times for Attack in the city, and I don’t really feel like going to Pump. Pump bores me now, plus the music is lame. The new Pump release is boring. They used really bad songs except for Piece of My Heart.

I also missed my usual Wednesday Attack because I finished work kinda late. Late meetings, last requests from the boss, editing and proofreading info materials, etc – I’m really quite disappointed because I really try and make it a point I get to go to Wednesday’s Attack class. It’s like, my midweek remedy. Because after Wednesday comes the second half of the week, which means only 2 days before the weekend ha ha ha!


1 hour Body Attack – I can only say one thing about this class: I love the instructor! It’s apparently her first few weeks in Sydney from I think Queensland, and already I’m loving the way she teaches the class – fun, energetic, but not those really scary intructors!

I’ll really do my best and go to the Attack class tomorrow, but I’m definitely sure Tuesday’s a no no because I have a whole day meeting and presentation to do (whole day = 9am to 9pm. I’m not kidding).

Sigh. It’s Monday again tomorrow. Damn.

Posted by: pat3za | September 10, 2008

4 Attacks last week

I know I know… the recommended is 3 Attacks per week, but I just couldn’t help myself from doing the 4th one. Plus my soon-to-be-Attack-instructor sister was in town so we really had to go to the Saturday morning Attack class. Everyone knows that when both of us are in the same city, we really can’t miss the nearest Fitness First Attack class. Hahaha!

Anyway, I did my first Attack class this week on Monday, was feeling really lazy yesterday (Tuesday) and my left calf was acting up again, and today I missed my usual Wednesday class because of a late meeting at work hence catching the late train home. Le sigh. I always look forward to my Wednesday Attacks……. but never mind. I’m feeling kinda really bloated and less energetic today because I’ve already missed 2 days of gym. I wanted to go jogging when I got home but damn this stupid daylight savings because it was already dark by 6pm.

Tomorrow, I really promise I’m doing the 5.30pm Attack after work. By hook or by crook. I think I’m going to miss Saturday’s Attack class too since it’s the local council’s elections… need to vote!

These are the times when I wish I have a treadmill at home. 😦

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Attack ng Attack naman talaga oh!

Yezyezyezyoyoyo I did another Attack class after work because I was bored.

Hehe! Actually, I turned down a drinks invite from my friend because my mindset was purely to do Attack after work! Plus, I didn’t bring my gym gear all the way from my house, through my daily commute to the city, and in my office for nothing.

It’s my 3rd Attack class of the week, plus 1 Pump class on Tuesday, and I’m really stoked!

As usual, Superman killed my legs, and for some strange reason, I couldn’t really maintain the high impact moves in the interval track. I was THAT sore from Pump plus still having a lot of lactic acidosis from last night’s Attack class. It was hard for me to walk this morning so I was pretty much a turtle the whole day.

One more Attack class on Saturday and I would’ve done 4 class this week! Woot woot!

Thursday’s showdown!

10 minutes treadmill

1 hour Body Attack – nothing new, not much changes. I’m getting sick and tired of the new release actually since I’ve done it close to 10 times already? Hahaha!

I’m an Attack addict and I’m proud of it!!!!

PS. I need new gym clothes. I’ve washed, re-washed, and re-re-washed most of my gym clothes. They’re all going loose again!!! Ahhhhhh!!!

Posted by: pat3za | September 3, 2008

So you think you can… attack!

Mum and I have never really been huge fans of SYTYCD… until now. Why? Because we became instant fans of Katee!!

We just saw tonight’s performance (yes, it’s delayed here in Australia) and my golly gosh gaw gaw, BEST DANCE EVVVVEERR!!

My gosh she has the best skin!!

So my attempt at dancing my butt off although I have no coordination whatsoever? Do well in Attack. And that’s what I did at tonight’s Attack class. I normally go up to the front, but mainly on the side because I always leave the front space directly opposite the instructor’s to the more experienced people. But not tonight! I finished work early, came to the class early to set up, went to the front of the class, said hello to the instructor, and stretched and stretched and stretched because my thighs were hurting from doing yesterday’s new release Pump. And then the class started. Oh here we go. Another cycle of mixed track, aerobics track (ahhhhhh Superman moves just keep getting better and better!!!!!… not!), 1st power peak, upper body, running, agility, interval, 2nd power peak, and ab track!

I don’t really want to boast, but I think that the past year I’ve been doing Attack has really paid off. I lost a significant amount of weight, I feel heaps heaps heaps better, I have loads of energy, I don’t get tired or sleepy that easily anymore, and after a work out I can recover really quickly and I’m not running out of breath like I used to.

Oh, and because I was in the front of the class, I really felt "pressured" to maintain the high impact moves and follow the proper rhythm and be time accurate. So allow me to do a bit of shameless personal plugging: I think and feel that I’m becoming one of the good ones in my Attack class! WAHAHAHAHA!

Ok enough bragging my head’s too big for the room now. Go back to your shell, Trish!

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